Service & warranty

We use a standard 1-year warranty on our rope lamps. The statutory warranty applies to products supplied by

We provide a standard 1 month warranty on our light sources. The service life depends on various factors.

Questions about service and warranty? Then you can reach us at +31(0)10 304 6031 and

Yes, we provide a standard 1 year warranty on the rope lamps

We guarantee that the lamp works on arrival. Unfortunately we cannot give a guarantee on the lifespan as this depends on many factors. It may therefore be advisable to purchase a spare lamp to save on shipping costs.

LED lights: 1 month warranty

Unfortunately we cannot help you with this, we have no assembly service. Can’t get it out? We are there to help you with the installation by telephone. You can reach us at +31(0)10 304 6031

Do you have a question? You can mail to: Prefer to call? You can reach us by telephone on +31(0)10 304 6031.