Our materials

About the rope

Our lamps are made from Manila rope. This rope is more than two centimetres thick and consists out of four wires. Manila rope originally comes from the Philippines. Here it is produced according to traditional methods. The rope is made from banana leaves that are at least six meters long.

No oil or other harmful materials are used to produce Manila rope. It is therefore a 100% natural product. Many types of Manila rope give off an unpleasant oil odour. We however use a type produced without oil so that you will not smell the rope.

In the olden days, Manila rope used to be used a lot in shipping. Nowadays, the rope is mainly used as decoration. We use it to make our unique lamp.

About the tree trunks

We use chestnut wood for our tree trunk rope lamp. The wood originates from Italy, where it is checked for the highest quality. The chestnut trees are felled after a turning time of approximately 20 years. New trees are planted after this process. Over time, these grow into new sustainable chestnut wood.

In addition to the sustainable aspect of chestnut wood, it is a particularly beautiful wood because of its natural character. The colour of the wood is light to dark brown. Which means that every trunk is different, you always have a unique lamp of which you will not be able to find a second copy.

The strains are treated against all pests, to ensure you don’t have to worry about woodworm, for example.