Our story

Rope lamp shop, the web shop for unique and handmade lamps

Hi, my name is Thygo. I’m a young creative busy bee, who started his entrepreneurial adventure in 2018.

Before the Touwlampshop was established, I designed lamps for friends and acquaintances. I received a lot of positive feedback and got more and more requests for personal and unique rope lamps. Because of this success, I decided to register at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and launched my own web shop.

Soon the small assortment including only a few products became too little and I noticed that there was a demand for more variation. Day-to-day, I’m constantly developing new products to offer a more diverse selection. Next to that, I’ve added various options so that now, you can put your own rope lamp together and personalize it according to your wishes.

I look forward to receiving your order!